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Moscow to host demonstration of historical weapons and military equipment to mark the 70th Anniversary of Victory13 April 2015Moscow to host demonstration of historical weapons and milita ...

Demonstration of historical military hardware devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be organized in Moscow for the first time. Various new types of weapons and military equipment will be shown during the Victory Day parade on the Red Square.

Moscow to host over a thousand events devoted to Victory Day 10 April 2015Moscow to host over a thousand events devoted to Victory Day
Alexander Kibovsky, head of the Department of Culture, spoke about the planned cultural events at the meeting of the Organizing Committee for the Preparations of the 70thAnniversary Celebrations of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
Oceanarium to be opened at VDNKh for May holidays9 April 2015Oceanarium to be opened at VDNKh for May holidays
The plan calls for opening a new Oceanarium on the grounds of the VDNKh for the May holidays. Killer whales that currently live in special enclosures will be placed in a new large-scale aquarium.

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2 July 2012

Sand Sculptures “The Great History of Russia”

From May 5th- September 20th, the Moscow museum KOLOMENSKOYE will hold and exhibition called “The Great History of Russia”. By visiting this display you will be able to enjoy monumental sculptures depicting glorious Russian warriors in great battles. Like this, there will be scenes from the Battle on the Ice, Kulikovo Battle, Borodino Battle, Poltava Battle and the Patriotic War of 1812.   

Also, the exhibition includes an exact copy of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral made of sand. Many visitors of the exhibition have found this sculpture to be the most elegant and impressive. The sand sculpture demonstrates even the smallest elements of the Cathedral and, as a true masterpiece of craftsmen, it makes indelible impressions. Visitors can look fixedly at it at the entrance of the exhibition. Besides the St. Basil’s Cathedral, visitors’ special attention should be paid to a seven-meter sculpture dedicated to Russian scientists and explorers.  

Alongside the sculptures, little guests of the exhibition will be able to enjoy a big sandpit with its daily contests for a best sand sculpture.

If you are interested in art works made of wood and sand, you will obviously like the presented exhibits. Visit the monumental sculpture exhibition at Andropova Ave., 39, and take delight in the beauty of the introduced works.

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