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Moscow Tourism Portal

One of the most famous cities in the world, the capital of Russia, the treasury of its cultural and historic values is awaiting you.

Moscow is a multi-ethnic city, people of different cultures and faiths have peacefully co-existed here at all times.

The city boasts a history of 875 years, and carefully preserves the heritage of the past. That said, Moscow is also a modern and vibrating megapolis, a major international centre of business and finance.

The city has 3 commercial airports, 9 railway stations and 2 river stations to receive its guests.

Moscow is a city of five ports. The river transport will help you not only see the main sights of Russias capital but also travel to the Russian Golden Rings cities, down the Volga to the Caspian shores, and to St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea.

Moscow is a hospitable city where one can find accommodation to suit any taste and budget. It offers 400 accommodation facilities: differently-priced hotels, hostels, mini-hotels and apartments. For more details see our catalogue.

Moscow never sleeps: the illumination of Moscows streets and houses will let you enjoy a stroll including after the sunset. In the daytime, over 290 museums and exhibition halls are at your disposal, you may also go for a walk in a park or enjoy a river trip. At night, theatres and concert halls receive their visitors, while night clubs, disco bars and restaurants stay open until the small hours. Learn about the most important and interesting events and activities on our portal.

Moscow keeps changing, with new buildings and developments completed, and architectural monuments, temples and museums restored. The Bolshoi Theatre and the Moscow Planetarium have reopened after reconstruction. The capital’s map now features new sights: the restored palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye; the manor of Grandfather Frost (Russias Santa Clause) in Kuzminki offers encounters with fairy tales throughout the year; a once uncharted shelter, located 65 m underground is now accommodating the Cold War Museum.

Moscow has enough room for recreation, with its green territories occupying over a third of the capital’s total area. It includes 116 parks, 118 specially protected natural territories and 64 monuments of palace and park architecture, and also 2 botanical gardens and a zoo.

Moscow offers diverse facilities for kids and educational tourism. The young guests of Moscow have every opportunity not only to have fun but also to learn lots of useful and exciting information.

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